Anyone go to Sonoma State University?

Do you like?

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  1. thelittlestlondon answered: i dooo, and i love it
  2. tinkerxbull answered: its pretty nice here :) what do you specifically want to know?
  3. freebirdofthesky answered: I applied to sfsu, sdsu and slo too. weeeeeeeo0ooooo0
  4. nycflowerfairies answered: No, but I’m from Sonoma County and I love the area, I think it’s kind of a boring town mostly residential. Go to Sebastopol! that’s my town:)
  5. moralj answered: Hello! I go here now and I mean, at first it’s boring but you meet people and it’s actually a pretty cool place.
  6. gingerbr3ad answered: my friend (moralj) goes there and kinda hates it. i went up to visit her the campus is beautiful it reminds me of summer camp.
  7. lique-scent answered: I went to hs on the ssu campus. Great nightlife in rp and santa rosa. beautiful campus. really great school!
  8. beautifulurself answered: a friend went there and loveeeeeeeeeeed it
  9. feellicks answered: ive been to sonoma statee, its chilllen if you like a little small college town. the town itself is quiet but the parties are funn
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